04 November 2017

4 November 2017

Spent hours at the Auburn Public Library as the internet is still down at our house. I am thankful that we had power... Judging from the sound at generators at night, others are no so lucky...

After picking out books, checking email, and the girls finishing their homework (or making a dent on the homework that required internet), we went to Aroma Joe's for coffee and T J Maxx.

At T J Maxx, I bought a steel water bottle for myself (a wise decision after breaking too many glass milk bottles), gum, and coffee, then settled down on a stool outside the changing room, and read Paris in Love.

Both girls found things--for the eldest that meant a dress she could wear to a Broadway play during her New York trip with my parents and then we headed home, replete with the knowledge that the internet was finally up again.

We went to the the post office, where my second book was waiting for me. How exciting to have Lord Wellesbourne in hand....

Now dinner, and then bed soon thereafter... Work early tomorrow morning....

12 January 2017

Completing the Corn and Beans Block

In December, I had completed the 288th "Strip" which was last individual piece of the Corn and Beans block. Because of this, putting the Corn and Beans block together could begin.

First, the sewing lines on the center square needed to be extended,

then the same for the triangles.

This is layout of the triangles and the center block:

Next, pinning and sewing the triangles comes next:

The strip's placement along the outside of the square follows:

The last last section of the block consists of large green triangles. After extending the sewing lines,

they are pinned to the block and sewn in place.

The completed block:

Ten down with 62 more to go...