26 November 2015

Corn and Beans: A Quilting Adventure

PART FOUR: The "Strip"

After taking a hiatus from quilting, I managed to finish the four-piece triangle and move onto the last individual pieced section of the corn and beans quilt: the "strip". The anatomy of the corn and beans block is below.

 Because I needed to plot the composition of the block, I decided to sew ahead. The finished size is 12 x 12 inches:

As with the four-piece triangle, there are 288 "strips", each consisting of one 3-inch green King's Arrival triangle, two 2-inch Jacobean triangles, and two 2-inch brown paisley triangles.

The first step is to extend the sewing lines,

then plot the layout.

After determining the layout, pin the smaller triangles together,

and sew the first pair together, and press the Jacobean triangle back.

Repeat the process with the second pair of triangles, then pin the first pair to the right side of the green triangle,

and press them back.

Pin the second pair to the left side of the green triangle and sew it in place.

Press back the second pair of triangles. The "strip" is complete.


Pieces per "strip": 5
Number of "strips" per finished quilt size: 288 

Number of "strips" completed: 61
Individual pieces cut: Green hounds tooth (King's Arrival): 78 of 288
                                   Jacobean triangles: 192 of 578
                                   Brown paisley triangles: 180 of 578