25 January 2012

Researching the Fourth Book

Part of the fun of writing historical novels is the research. There are so many books to read, so many things to learn...

For my present book, which is set in 1796 as well as 1816, I have been reading a wide range of books, and having a heck of a time. These are some of the books I've read so far:

Nightingales, The Extraordinary and Curious Life of Miss Florence Nightingale
, by Gillian Gill [very good]

Notes on Nursing, What It Is and What It Is Not
, by Florence Nightingale [note the lack of contractions]

Life in Nelson's Navy, by Dudley Pope [fabulous, though a little misleading as to the title--the book is far more wide-reaching that just Nelson's navy]

Nelson's Navy: The Ships, Men and Organization 1793-1815
, by Brian Lavery [amazing]

Seize the Fire: Heroism, Duty and the Battle of Trafalger
, by Adam Nicolson [a page-turner--fabulous]

Naval Battles of the Napoleonic Wars: Cape St Vincent, the Nile, Cadiz, Copenhagen, Trafalgar and Others
, by W H Fitchett [good]

Men of Steel: Surgery in the Napoleonic Wars
, by Michael Crumplain FCRS [quite fascinating--a great read]

I am sure I will have to read far more as well as reread Amanda Vickery's fabulous books, A Gentleman's Daughter: Women's Lives in Georgian England and Behind Closed Doors: At Home in Georgian England.

Shucks, life is grand...