23 June 2009

My Kingdom for a Shoe

I broke my toe this winter and learned, first hand (or foot), the importance of shoes.

Not just any shoe would do.

The fit of the shoe was imperative, as well as the size of the toe box. In other words, the more accommodating the toe box, the better. Unfortunately, this meant that I was stuck wearing only a few pairs of shoes for quite a while, no matter the depth of the snow outside and whether or not the shoes were waterproof.

One odd discovery was that while shoes that I had considered so comfortable previous to this breakage had to be abandoned while one pair remained tolerable: my tap shoes. Perhaps this was due to the fact that I wore them without socks or the softness of the leather. Whatever the case, these shoes remained one of the few my broken toe would allow me to wear, even though the taps themselves made them impractical to wear outside the dance studio.

Thank goodness for tap shoes. Even though the broken toe (which still pains me occasionally five months later) made learning steps not only challenging but painful, I could still dance.