21 November 2009

My Kingdom for a Shoe, Continued

I need new shoes. Tap shoes, specifically.

In October I joined the advanced tap class and found myself doing single, double and triple times steps, traveling steps and improvising for anxiety-inducing ten minutes (not by myself the whole time, but still...). Now we've been working on the beginning steps of our recital piece, which will be performed in June 2010, and I've realized I've got the wrong shoes.

My lovely shoes tap shoes have a beautiful sound and continue to be one of the few pair of shoes I can wear without discomfort (my broken toe still pains me on occasion). But when it came time to do an innocuous-sounding step called a riff, I could not get my feet into the proper position. The strength of my tap shoes--the fact that they're split soled and can be folded in half--is also their downfall. I need shoes with a sole made of steel that will not flex at all.

I've been combing 'Net in search of the steel-shanked tap shoes with a growing sense of excitement. These shoes will mark a benchmark, just like the day I talked my way into the basic tap class while it was in the middle of the second session, almost four years ago. I look forward to whatever comes next...