18 March 2011

Signs of Spring

Finally, the signs of spring are here!

The Fence at the Edge of the Kitchen Garden

Duane's Cherub in the Center of the Kitchen Garden



Fedco Seeds

We will Ignore the fact that it snowed....

06 March 2011


On Friday the girls and I received horrible news.

Two girls died in a house fire. What made it worse was that we knew these little girls: they were members of our 4-H club.

One of the last times we saw Natalie and Kelsey was on a hike in the woods across the street from their house. We spent a wonderful summer afternoon trying to identify trees by their leaves and splitting the air with shrill acorn whistles.

What I remember most is racing with Kelsey and my girls to the picnic table at the edge of the woods, well ahead of the others, laughing as we tried (unsuccessfully) to pretend we'd been there for hours.

That's how I'll remember Natalie and Kelsey: it'll always be a warm summer's day with the air filled with whistles and laughter.

Welcome Home..... (?)

For the last four months we have been living in upstate New York, on property that has been in my husband's family since the 1700s. My husband worked to restore three late 1800s buildings while the girls and I homeschooled and worked and acted as laborers, cleaning up the sites.

What a privilege. The property was beautiful, and it was a pleasure and an honor to be able to be a part of helping to ensure the buildings will stand for another 100 years. It is an adventure that we will never forget as well as the fulfillment of my husband's childhood dream: being able to work on buildings that have been a part of his life since he was eight months.

Returning home was--well--complicated.

We were able to get the wood stove going without a problem, but then, when we turned on the water, pipes burst, the hot water heater developed a leak, the snow blower stopped working, and the washer stopped working.

1 March brought hope in the form of the pig which we had purchased when we were up in New York, so our freezers are full to bursting.

With the bounty of last year's garden and the pig, we will be able to eat well...