19 June 2012

An Ode to Flash Mobs

One of my favorite blogs, Two Nerdy History Girls, had a marvelous post featuring a Friday Video entitled "'Morning Mood' on the Metro".

This lovely video made me realize something: I love flash mobs. Dancing, music--well, especially dancing flash mobs. Because of this, I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite flash mobs, including some that aren't exactly flash mobs but are pretty wonderful all the same.

So, without further ado, here they are:

Musical Flash Mobs

Shopping Mall Vivaldi and Adagio for Strings (I think…)

Philadelphia Opera Messiah

La Traviata at the Ferry Market

Opera en Alto Rosario, portions of Carmen—with La Traviata thrown in

Dancing Flash Mobs

Flash mob dance 1st time in Mumbai with choreography by SANTOSH BHANGRE at Korum Mall Thane for Smita Thackre's film RAADA ROCKS

Diversity - Got to Dance Flashmob

Royal Ballet of Flanders

Anaheim Ballet, Urban Ballet

St Patrick’s Day Flash Mob

Prison's flash mob
, Michael Jackson's song

One of my absolute favorite flash mobs: The Joffrey Gets "Real Simple" Full Version (the positions of some of the dances are so beautiful with the full extensions—I would have liked to have been in the crowd, witnessing this)

And, because it was National Tap Day 25 May 2012

Gene Kelly tap dancing on roller skate
s. Really—the man was a god. From Always Fair Weather

Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain”

Woodbox Tap (amazing)

Swiss Tap Flash Mob

Savion Glover at the White House

River Dance Trading Taps

Eleanor Powell and Buddy Rich

Another Swiss Tap Flash Mob (the Swiss can sure tap)

Mary Poppins “Step in Time”

Just because:

Chhaiya Chhaiya, from Dil Se (This has ruined trains for me: I can no longer see one without wanting to dance on their tops. By the by, no dancers fell from the train during the three days of filming)

Gisele Bundchen flashmob at Sao Paulo airport

The T-Mobile Flashmob London Heathrow - Welcome Back Advert

Amazing Highland Hornpipe Dance by Laura Scott

Highland Sword Dance -- Laura Scott with Ed Pearlman and Tony Cuffe

Highland Dancers at Metrotown 2

Finally, who could forget…

Nynex Rock Drills